The Glorious Revolution: A Niche Call to Action

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Do you often wake in a cold sweat, wishing you had something to read that would make you wake up in cold sweats? Jonesing for Horror fiction?

If you’re a fan of any kind of genre literature you know that literary periodicals have always been the proving ground for the world’s most popular and influential genre authors. Conan Doyle and The Strand, Lovecraft in Weird Tales, Chandler in Black Mask, even as recently as Stephen King and Jack Ketchum to the men’s magazines that supported them early in their careers.

What’s that, you don’t read any of these? Oh, that’s because the literary press is all but non-existent these days.

People don’t read much anymore. It’s depressing, but it’s true. But…

This isn’t a post about the end of the written word, oh no! This is not some whiny internet diatribe about how ignorant people are, oh no! This is a sermon of Hope! Behold brothers and sisters, the revolution is here!.

Horror lit periodicals still exist. You just have to squint to see them. Due to my own bias here I will suggest you, the faithful reader, to investigate two new magazines.

An up and comer that you should really grab a subscription to is Macabre Cadaver. This magazine just made the jump from online to print and is run by some people who really love and understand the genre. You can either grab an online only subscription (dirt cheap) or you can be a man and order a print issue.

Another is Shroud. Tim Deal’s small press is fast becoming the one of best in the industry. Only a little over a year old and they’ve already racked up a Bram Stoker Nomination (kinda the Oscars of horror fiction) for Best Anthology. This magazine is great, and it will soon be available at Barnes & Nobles across the country. But that doesn’t mean you should wait for that.

This is the point in the sermon where I pass the dish around. Go to these website and buy a book or a magazine. For Shroud I suggest you get the special “volume one” offer under the “Magazines” tab: for one low price you get the first six issues of the mag and catch up on what you’ve been missing.

Don’t cry “economic crisis” you have enough free time and money to be reading irrelevant blogs on some guy’s movie watching habits.

The fun doesn’t end here, oh no, there are a ton of other small press magazines you should check out such as Necrotic Tissue , Cemetery Dance , and Nossa Morte, to name a few.

Oh, one last full discloser thing, I work as a reader at MC and have a story accepted for an upcoming issue of Shroud….so, ya know….buy em.

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