Debbie Rochon: The Hardest Working Woman In Horror

My interview with Debbie Rochon for Macabre Cadaver Magazine is now available for free over on their website.

I would love it if you gave it a read. Rochon is truly a remarkable figure in the independent horror scene, if you have not seen some of the films mentioned in the article I strongly recommend you track them down. Thanks to Debbie for granting me the interview and being so honest about both her personal experiences (which are pretty amazing, but not always pretty) and her views on the industry as a whole.

Being a native Long Islander and rampant geek, I’ve grown up going to LI’s largest Sci-fi convention: I-Con. Rochon is a frequent attendee of the con and my friends and I have had more interactions with her than I can count. She’s the nicest person you’d ever want to meet and I think a lot of that shines through in her interview.

‘Nuff dorky nostalgia….go read it!

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