The Read Shroud CONTEST!

Hello everyone, it’s been quite a long time since a post. I’ve been super busy taking tests, writing papers and applying to grad schools. As busy as I am I would be remiss not to remind you that my print debut in Shroud issue #7 has finally arrived and to celebrate I’m holding a contest!

The rules are simple: buy a copy of Shroud #7 and take your picture with it. Send said picture to adamblomquist at gmail dot com with the subject SHROUD CONTEST along with your name and you will be entered to win fabulous prizes. If you don’t want your mug on my harddrive just take a picture of the magazine and somekind of receipt/indicator that you didn’t just find the picture online.* That’s it.
What will the fabulous prize be you ask? Well it will be a brand new copy of Night of the Creeps on DVD along with a surprise book. If you already own/don’t want that disc you will have the option of an alternate prize TBD. Depending on the number of entries I get there may be even more goodies added to the list: so re-post, tweet and spam it up, you’d only be helping your odds of winning something boss.
What are you waiting for? Order a copy here!
The Deadline for entries is December 15th.
*In the event you don’t have a camera just forward the “your item has shipped” email from Shroud.

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