For Whom the Bells Toll…

Big bit of news to share with you Braniacs (like the nickname I just made up for you?). You can go to this link right here and check out the table of contents for Dead Bells an anthology put together by Jodi Lee.

Notice a familiar name on there?

The idea for the collection is genius and I’m so excited to see how my light but twisted little story fits into the larger (bleak) picture. I am honored to share the table of contents with such esteemed company (Natalie Sin, WD Prescott, a novella from Gina Ranalli, and many other contributors). If you click the news button you can also see some of the great early praise that the book is getting (from horror lit radio head-honcho and Funky Werepig host Gregory Hall and Mama Fish author Rio Youers).
I’m psyched and you should be too. I’ll direct you to where you can buy your seventeen copies when the book becomes available.
Back to work, I’ll be back in a week or two with some really nice pre-holiday goodies for you guys (and gals).

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