We Belong Alive

“Mary Alice got cancer, just like everybody here/seems like everyone I know is getting cancer every year.”

The blue-collar narrator of the Drive-by Truckers’ song “Putting People on the Moon” echoes a sentiment that most of us have thought/felt.

It’s hard to find a person whose life has not been affected by some form of cancer.

Aside from being a devout enemy of cancer, I’m a big fan of Fright Rags t-shirts (especially since they switched over to the much softer shirt material, papa like). I recently received an email asking me if I’d help get the word out about their new design. For the month of October they’ll be selling a shirt with the above design entitled “We Belong Alive.” It’s a clever and striking rendition of the famous Janet-pose recreated with the Bride of Frankenstein. When you order you’ll be directly helping Leisha and her family, a woman living with breast cancer who needs the help.

You can order a shirt and read more about why you should help and where the proceeds are going: here.

For those thinking it…yes I can work DBT into every post.

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