The reviews are in! And other news…

We interrupt your regularly scheduled intermittent updates to provide a bunch of links to places that have reviewed my debut novella Tribesmen, which is currently available in both print and ebook editions (nookers click here) from John Skipp’s Ravenous Shadows.

Starting things off is one the most recent ones, from cable network FearNet by Blu Gilliand.Then we have some additional kind words from Chris Hallock at All Things Horror, another review from Ken Wood at Shock Totem, one from Jassen Bailey at The Crow’s Caw. Fellow author S.D. Foster was also nice enough to post this review on his site. I was a big fan of Foster’s short story collection A Hollow Cube is a Lonely Space, so his recommendation is a real thrill.

Aside from those, many people have been kind enough to take time to leave thoughts on both the amazon page and on Goodreads.

To say that I am both overjoyed and humbled by the reception Tribesmen has gotten so far would be an understatement. But I’m not resting on my laurels, oh no, I’m hard at work on the next thing(s), looking forward to joining the Samhain family with the January release of my first full-length novel Video Night, and generally feeling good about all aspects of my life.

Bone Meal Broth has also gotten a few nice reviews on amazon, one of which came from Joe Robin who writes for the website Daily Grindhouse. Joe was nice enough to send me a few questions which became this interview over on DG, where we talk movies, books and the meaning of life.

Not only did they run that interview, but Daily Grindhouse also asked me to list my top ten grindhouse/cult flicks, I was difficult and chose five movies and five cult books.

I want more people to give Bone Meal Broth a try, I’m really proud of it and confident that they’ll like it. So I’ve dropped the price to 99 cents (or .77 GBP if you’re British). Whatta bargain!

Okay, I think I’ve tried to sell you enough things for one day.

I’ll be back sometime this month with reviews of some of the books I’m reading. Probably.

One thought on “The reviews are in! And other news…

  1. Awesome work, cousin! I loved every word of it, just haven't gotten to writing up a review on my site or Amazon yet.

    Really, truly great work.. I can't wait to read your full length.


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