More news, plus “The Next Big Thing…that I didn’t do”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. In fact, I haven’t really delivered any meaty content since finding my way to my new digs. This is inexcusable, I know, but hopefully you will be satiated by this mini post. First let’s get the news out of the way.

Video Night just keeps racking up the high-profile notices. The excellent Blu Gilliand reviewed it for FearNet and enjoyed it so much that he asked me over to conduct a fairly in-depth interview about the book. I think it made for a fun read as I rant about movies and books and dead formats. There’s also an insanely intelligent review over at Bookgasm that has been making me smile for the last three days.


The picture above comes from reader Jesse Lawrence (who is clearly not only a “reader” but a daper gent with unbelievably good taste). He received his paperback of the book early after pre-ordering it from Samhain’s official website. It’s worth noting that the paperback is also a few bucks cheaper if you pick it up from them. The paperback version of the book is currently shipping from Barnes & Noble and officially launches January 1st from amazon and other fine retailers.

The next part of this post must now take the form of a public apology. I’ve got to say that I’m sorry to W. D. Gagliani (author of the wonderful Nick Lupo werewolf horror/noir series). You see Bill tagged me in that “The Next Big Thing” meme that had made the rounds a month or so ago, but I never did my part by writing my post. Not only that, but several other wonderful authors also approached me about doing a post. As you can see, I never answered the questions and never did any tagging of my own. So here’s an abbreviated version of “The Next Big Thing” too late and a dollar short:

My next big thing is a novel called The Summer Job. It’s me trying to explore the “satanic panic” sub-genre from a fresh perspective. It’s the first piece of writing I’ve done that takes place in Massachusetts and the first with a female protagonist. Other than that, I can’t tell you much because things are still cooking and I don’t want to jinx it. Even without it finished, it is quite clear that this is the most ambitious piece I’ve ever attempted (minimal humor, no ties to film history). I’m consciously trying to push myself out of my comfort zone.

The problem with this writer chain-letter stuff is that everyone and their brother gets tagged so quickly. So instead of officially “tagging” folks and having them tag me back, I’m just gonna rattle off some names of people I like who have work that I respect. Why not spread some of that holiday cheer and buy a book from Ed Kurtz, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Bracken MacleodStephen Graham Jones, Mercedes M. Yardley, Shock Totem, or John Skipp?

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Bonus mini-post:

If you are like me in ANY way shape or form: you must get a hold of Trailer War from Drafthouse Films. It’s a trailer compilation in the vein of the 42nd Street Forever discs assembled by Lars Nilson and the guys at the Alamo Drafthouse. These trailers are mind-boggling and if they don’t leave you awe-struck by the possibilities of cinema: you’re dead inside. Not only is it a hefty amount of content (about 2 hours worth of trailers), but some of the proceeds of its sale goes to the American Genre Film Archive. Plus it’s also got some great special features (an interview with Joe Dante, a tour of the AGFA vault). Pick this up now, you’re going to love it.

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