Drape yourself in Cesare (plus a contest)


Big news! Sam McCanna has released two t-shirts inspired by my work through his company Skurvy Ink. For the Video Night shirt I got to work with the fantastic Nick Gucker and Justin T Coons brought Tribesmen to life.

I own several Skurvy Ink shirts (and I’m going to be adding their new Muerte Con Carne one soon, too), so I can vouch for the quality of the product. Sam’s a one man operation and his shirts are spectacular.

“We firmly believe that authors and artists are just as much rock and roll as any musician could ever be, so we want to represent some of our favorites with Skurvy Ink clothing.” Who couldn’t love a company with this mission statement?

If you end up getting one, please send me a picture of you wearing your new shirt.

If we can get ten people sporting shirts (with photographic evidence), I’ll choose one at random and send them some DVDs from my collection. Last time I did a contest I ended up mailing out some pretty gonzo stuff, you’ll want to be in it to win it.

Bonus points if you take your contest entry picture in public, handing out paperback copies of my books.

Click on one (or both) of the designs to order.


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