Enter to win some ALL-NIGHT TERROR [UPDATED with the Winners]


After spending most of the morning compiling a list of entrants (then counting up their entries and supplying them with a series of numbers) the number generator at random.org has chosen your winners.

First, the two runner ups:  Travis Bingaman (who entered through Twitter and I’ll try to get in touch with there) and Stephen Pacino (I think I have your email on your comment) have both won an ebook of their choosing!

The grand prize goes to: Jesse Bollinger! Congrats Jesse! I facebook stalked you after your number came up and I’ve gotta be honest: I’m very happy that you don’t live in a different country, because shipping would have been expensive!

Thank you everyone who played and helped spread the word (especially those who left a review and netted themselves extra entries: Jesse L., Martin R., MichK, and M. Lovato, but didn’t win anything but my undying admiration). I hope to do something like this again soon, although maybe with less bookkeeping needed on my part (the file I’ve been using for this is a list of screennames and numbers, looks like something that gets passed around the NSA).

Hey y’all.

I’m terrible at updating the blog (busy and stuff), but you may have heard that Matt Serafini and I have a new book out.

It’s called All-Night Terror and its a collection of short stories that reads like a classic horror movie marathon, complete with host and wraparound story. I’m really proud of how it turned out, there are three original stories from me and three from Matt (it totals 30,000 words of content and is novella-length, so it should take you about two hours to read).

The cover was created by the wonderful Lynne Hansen and the book comes with a funny-yet-touching forward from Jeff Strand.


Best part is that it’s only three bucks.

The book was released a couple weeks ago, but I’ve been out of town, so let’s call this its official launch and celebrate in style, shall we?


This is a no-purchase-needed scenario, but you’ll have a better chance of winning if you drop the three bucks and read the book.


The Grand Prize will be a “Night of Terror” furnished by me.

What does that mean? It means I’ll send you two (2) DVDs from my personal collection (if you follow me on twitter or facebook you’ll know I’m into some crazy stuff, so I’m not liable for any heart attacks), one (1) bag of microwave popcorn, and one (1) paperback of your choosing (either Tribesmen, Video Night or, if you don’t mind waiting until January, The Summer Job).  I’m just ballparking it, but that’s probably like a $40 value.

Two Second Prize Winners will receive one (1) ebook of their choosing (either Tribesmen, Video Night, Bound By Jade, Bone Meal Broth or All-Night Terror if you didn’t buy it to enter the contest you cheap bastard).

How to Enter:

There are a few ways to enter, some of them worth more entries than others.

The simplest (and cheapest) way to enter is to go on twitter and send out this tweet:

I’m looking to win some ALL-NIGHT TERROR from @Adam_Cesare and @Mattfini: http://bit.ly/18TBnYD

You can tweet that as many times as you want, but it’s still only going to count as one (1) entry. If you don’t have a twitter account you can still share this blog (just tell me where to see the share) to get your free entry.

To get FIVE (5) entries, what you have to do is buy the book and then leave a short, unbiased review on Amazon.  Yeah, bad reviews count, but I think you’ll like the book, besides you don’t want me sneezing on your prizes, do you? Amazon flags all “legit” reviews as “Verified” so make sure you actually buy the book before reviewing or it won’t count.

You can grab an additional two (2) entries by copying and pasting your review to Goodreads or your own blog.

Comment on this post with your amazon name or blog so I know that you’ve entered.

I’ll determine the winner using a random number generator on a little before midnight on Halloween (that’s October 31st).

Good Luck!

There should be more prizes!

Okay, well, if All-Night Terror has fifteen (15) reviews on its US Amazon page before the end of the contest, I’ll choose two (2) Grand Prize winners and four (4) Runners Up! What a deal!

The fine print:

Yes, this book is digital exclusive, but before you whine about not having an ereader, remember that Kindle books can be read on any tablet, smartphone, computer or microwave, so nobody’s getting left out.

Yes, I will ship overseas, but just know that I’ll be sending region one DVDs so I hope you have a regionless player.

Yes, you can do everything on the list and wind up with a whopping twelve (12) entries!

Yes, I’ll work with the winner and give them some options regarding DVD prizes. I don’t want to send anyone a disc that they already have. These will be store-bought discs, no cheapo dollar-store stuff or absolute dreck. Okay, maybe some dreck, but it’ll be PREMIUM dreck.

5 thoughts on “Enter to win some ALL-NIGHT TERROR [UPDATED with the Winners]

  1. Awesome stuff! I love horror short stories so I would’ve but it anyway. Even still, prize rock! I tweeted the link, bought the book, reviewed on amazon (Stephen Panico) and posted the review on my blog (www.horrorjock.com). Pet me know if I can do anything else for you!

  2. It might be cheaper to book a holiday in the UK than mailing books and films. (Sorry if the above gets duplicated).

    I might be able to share the comp on the BFS eNewsletter I edit if you can send me a few words about collaboration, it follows on from a recent article on this very subject.

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