If you are at all familiar with the work of Cameron Pierce, you’re probably already aware that the dude can have some crazy ideas. When he asked Shane McKenzie and I to help him out with this book he was writing, we were both pretty quick to say yes. It’s called Leprechaun in the Hood: The Musical: A Novel and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Not only did we have a hell of a time writing it, we also agreed that an unorthodox novel deserves an unorthodox delivery system, so we partnered with Dreadit, the horror Reddit, to serialize the whole book for free. You can head over there and read the first part now or find out a bit more here, then check back every Monday for a new installment. If you like it, please spread the word.

In other news, my horror-soaked-noir novella The First One You Expect is now out from J. David Osborne’s Broken River Books and the response has already been pretty overwhelming (in Spinetingler Magazine and HorrorNewsNet). 

But nowhere more than this double-header Fangoria (!) review from the mighty John Skipp where he not only has some kind words for First One, he also discusses The Summer Job.

I know blurbs aren’t supposed to be this long, but I think I’m going to insist that all future editions just put this on the back cover: 

“It’s like Jim Van Bebber’s THE MANSON FAMILY mates with THE WICKER MAN on the set of Ti West’s THE INNKEEPERS, starring Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansonn from GHOST WORLD.

This is not to say that it doesn’t play novelistically, cuz it does, actually invoking no one more than Ira Levin in its subtle unfoldment. Albeit with more disembowelment and burning-alive, to go with its loose and thoroughly believable 21st century characterizations. Awesome characters, all up and down.

But here’s the thing. I found myself not just reading the book but watching the movie it supplied to my head. Its narrative flows, and its people speak, and its images resonate like motion pictures, with a seemingly effortless discipline that bespeaks more skill than is obvious on the surface.

THE SUMMER JOB is a really fucking good book, and a definite expansion of Cesare’s cinematic wavelength. Whoever decides to make a movie out of this has a doozy of a challenge.” 

Listen to the man. Buy it! Or, ya know, option it if you’re like some movie producer or something.

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