EXPONENTIAL Audiobook Giveaway!


Exponential is now available as an audiobook!

This is a little bit of a surprise. I knew it was in the process of becoming a reality, but didn’t know when. For right now it’s available here, and I’ve been told it should be migrating to Audible (where I get my audiobooks, as I’m sure many others do) at some point soon.

Over the last couple days I’ve listened to the book and I’ve got to say that I’m very pleased with the quality. Kudos to Audio Realms and narrator David Stifel for doing such a great job.

Something else that’s cool: I now have three (3) free download codes to give away. So if you’ve been curious what exactly a crime/road novel mash-up prominently featuring a giant monster looks like, but haven’t read the book yet: now’s your chance.

Over the last few years I’ve tried all different ways of doing contests. I’ve used no purchase necessary models, I’ve done creative competitions that were labor intensive for both me and participants, I’ve done promotions to incentivize verified Amazon reviews, I’ve done Goodreads giveaways, I’ve done social media hashtag stuff, but for this one (partly because I’m pretty busy) I want to do something a little more straight-forward:

If you’ve ever bought a single one of my titles in ebook or print (yes, I’m even counting collaborations. And ebooks you bought while they were on sale for cheap. I mean, I’d prefer you buy one of the titles I’ll get more money for, but it won’t harm your odds of winning): you’re eligible to enter the contest.

BUT, if you pre-order my new novel, Mercy House, you’ll be three times more likely to win.

Here’s how to enter: if you want to redeem an older title for an entry, you can either dig out the proof of purchase email you got from the vendor or, if you bought the book in person at HorrorHound or a brick-and-mortar store, send along some kind of proof that you bought it: either a scan of your receipt, a picture of the book next to a local paper, selfies with you holding the book (along with your dog, I always like pictures of dogs), whatever, I’m not picky.

This method only counts as one (1) entry, regardless of how many books you own. For example, you might have The First One You Expect, Video Night, and The Summer Job, but providing proof of purchase for all three still only counts as one entry.

If you want three (3) entries, you need to go to this page, choose your favorite retailer (last I checked, Amazon and Google were the cheapest options), pre-order Mercy House in ebook, and then email me the order confirmation code/number so I can make sure it’s legit.

All entries should be sent in a single email (don’t forward me your receipt and then send along another email, it’ll cause confusion) to adamcesare [at sign] gmail dot com and have the subject “Exponential Audiobook” in the heading. I’ll use a random number generator to choose the winners on April 10th 2015 and will contact those winners via the address they use to enter.

Make sense? Sound fair? Cool. Good luck.

Now that that’s out of the way, a quick update:

Horrorhound Cincinnati was great, sold a lot of books and met a lot of new readers. Exponential was the first title to sell out, due in large part to the fact that people I had sold books to in September in Indianapolis came out to this show and wanted to pick up something new. There are few things I can think of that make me happier than that: the fact that I was not only able to sell people my silly books, but the fact that they liked them well enough to come looking for more. Helps me feel less like a snake oil salesman. I also had a great time hanging out with fellow Samhain authors (meeting co-author Kristopher Rufty for the first time was a real highlight) and staffers.

Alternate poster by Richey Beckett.

Alternate poster by Richey Beckett.

Upon returning from Ohio, I had a really good movie-going week. For the majority of my life I’ve been the kinda guy who tries to go to the movies at least once a week, but it’s recently gotten so that life has gotten in the way of that (with months-long dry spells where I barely have time to sit for a full movie on Netflix). Not last week, though, as I saw three flicks! All of them good! I took in the vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows, British war thriller ’71 (it’s not horror, but it’s the feature debut for Yann Demange, who directed all five episodes of the fantastic zombie miniseries Dead Set), and genre festival darling It Follows. I can honestly say that I loved all three movies, and seeing any one of them probably would have made my month under normal circumstances. If you’re near a theater playing any or all of these: get in your car and go now.

I feel like I may never be able to match the good luck of that movie-going run, but I will keep trying, for science.

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