Icebergs, Open Letters, and More Catch Up


It’s been an eventful few weeks since my last post. And this one may not look like it’s going to be a long one, but it’s packed with content if you follow the links.

Today’s a good day because I get to announce something I’ve been keeping under my hat for a bit: the illustrious Cemetery Dance Publications has a new web-version of their magazine called Cemetery Dance Online. And I’m writing a monthly column for it!

It’s called Paper Cuts and it’ll be essays about horror cinema written by a dude who reads and writes horror fiction (me). The first installment is up now and you can read it by clicking here. It’s an extra-sized introductory post in which I wail on a defenseless Facebook meme and offer up a “Top Five” list that’s not ranked at all. Please let me know what you think in the comments section over there.

I’ve been a fan/collector of Cemetery Dance Magazine (and their hardcovers) for about as long as I’ve been a reader, so joining them in this new venture is a bit of a dream come true. Thanks to managing editor Blu Gilliand for having me.

Switching gears but still staying in the longass posts I wrote that I want you to read ballpark:

To help promote Mercy House, I was also asked by Random House/Del Rey folks to make an appearance on Suvudu. They run a series call “Dear Reader” and I had a lot of fun (and did some minor soul-searching) writing up my open letter to perspective readers.

Also on the Mercy House campaign trail was this discussion I had with Jonathan Lees over at HorrorTalk. Our discussion’s fairly wide ranging and he kept me on my toes.

I’m very happy with how both the interview and the “Dear Reader” thing turned out. And, yeah, they’re promo stuff, but I think there’s some meat on both those bones, entertainment-wise. But if they “worked” and you wanted to buy a copy of Mercy House and then rave about it in your Amazon review…nobody’s stopping you.

And, also, if you’ve found this page by linking over from Cemetery Dance: welcome! You can click around in the archives by hitting the “Older Posts” button on the bottom of the front page, that’s where you can dig up more of my movie thoughts. Click the covers on the sidebar to buy one of my books and see whether or not you trust my taste in lit and movies.

Thanks, all!

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