Happy Birthday, Mary!


Mary Shelley’s turning 175 and author Heather Herrman is throwing a party to celebrate. And she’s invited me and fellow Random House Hydra author Micheal M. Hughes along for the ride.


Even better, she’s inviting YOU!

Well, it’s a Facebook party, but nobody’s stopping you from mixing up your own punch bowl (and spiking it). It’ll be held this Sunday, August 30th, from 7-9, CDT (I’m not even sure when that is my time) and you can RSVP here.

If you’re Facebook friends with authors, you probably get invites to stuff like this all the time, but I promise that we’ll actively deliver the goods. There will be Frankenstein trivia, some Q&A if you want to ask us about our own writing, and there will also be a boatload of PRIZES.

Not only will there be the normal jun…er…treasures that I give away (books, my own and others), but both Heather and Michael have offered up goods like one-of-a-kind bound galleys, manuscript critiques, tarot card readings. Our publisher, Hydra, is also throwing in with a few prizes of their own (coffee mugs, books).

It’s going to be legit, so come and help us celebrate the mother of modern horror. And scifi. And possibly the found footage genre. I hope to see you there. Full details on the fb page. In the meantime you should buy my esteemed colleague’s books here and here.

And if you haven’t checked out my book, Mercy House, now would be the perfect time to get on that. If you don’t like it, at least you know where I’ll be hanging around on Sunday so you can heckle me.

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