It’s been a long time coming, but my haunted video arcade novella Zero Lives Remaining is finally printed and ready to ship.

Shock Totem Publications faced several production delays on this title, but there was a big time payoff for that long wait: one of the coolest books I’ve ever had the pleasure of holding.

Here I am, this past weekend, signing them all:



You can go here to see pictures of the finished product and place your order (it comes packaged in a plastic VHS clamshell and with bonus liner insert and trading cards). These will sell out, Shock Totem just yesterday posted these pictures and already this limited edition is over 50% spoken for.

As I’ve said in previous posts: yes, this is an expensive (and relatively short) book, so if you’re on the fence about it or are not a collector know that there will be more affordable ebook and paperback editions. Those will be available sometime after the “early adopters” who bought the limited have received their copies.

Huge thanks to everyone who’s been patient while we made this a book you’ll be proud to have on your shelf, and an equally huge thanks to everyone invlolved with the production.

Before you go, be sure to watch the short film Mike Lombardo and Reel Splatter Productions shot to promote the book:

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