Links. Links everywhere. (And a cover tease)

How’s it going everyone. Good? Good.

Don’t have a lot of time for extensive blogging, etc. But did want to let everyone know that I’ve got a new post up on Cemetery Dance Online. It’s a follow-up to that one I did 6 months ago about horror fiction that should make the jump to the big screen. I like this format because it acts as a way for me to do stealth reviews/endorsements of movies, TV, and books without having to be topical. For example: I touch on my love of Fargo Season 2, Dahmer, and Honeymoon in this installment.

Some more links, while I’m trying to unload traffic:

Yesterday (yes, two on the same day) my books made an appearance on Hunter Shea and Amber Fallon‘s year-end lists. It’s so nice to be recognized by my peers and extra sweet to be put in the same company as some of the folks on those lists. So huge thanks to them.

And not content with just sharing yesterday’s news: today radio host and blogger Jay Kay put me on another “Best of 2015” list! Worth noting that all three of these mentions are for different titles. I’m diversified! So a big thanks to Jay. (Edit: after I initially posted this I was reminded of another “Top 10” appearance on Shane Douglas Keene’s Shotgun Logic blog. So additional thanks to him.)

Fallon’s list is particularly cool because she says nice things about Zero Lives Remaining. Which is a book only available in hardcover limited edition right now, so feedback on it has been scarce. There are only a handful of copies left of that edition of the book (so act fast if you want one. Once they’re gone they’re gone forever), but a more affordable paperback and ebook edition should be forthcoming later this month.

And finally, since you’ve sat through all those words without pretty pictures. Here’s a little preview of something that will be coming in the next few weeks. Don’t get your hopes too far up, “The Blackest Eyes” is not a novel. But it will be completely FREE.

This cover was done by Dyer Wilk and I’ll have more to share about this project soon.

Blackest Eyes revised (1)


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