Black T-Shirt Begins

guardian blu

I’ve been a busy bee lately. I’ll have a couple of project announcements coming up soon, but with all this stuff I’ve been working on (and my Cemetery Dance Online column taking up a lot of my “film writing juices”) I haven’t had much time to compose some straight-up movie reviews for the blog.

My solution to this delinquent blogging schedule involves a lot of uses of the word “ummm” and some questionable eye contact. That’s right: I’m doing a weekly YouTube show!

Each episode of Project: Black T-Shirt I’ll be talking about a movie (new release disc, archival title, the new VOD hotness) and then pairing it with a book recommendation.

The first episode is here (the subject is William Friedkin’s The Guardian). Watch it below and be sure to click over to the YouTube channel and hit the “Subscribe” button and let me know what you think (good or bad) with a comment.


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