Auditory Hallucinations (Plus a new surprise book!)

It’s been a big couple of weeks. And a big couple of weeks means that I have a lot of stuff to share with you. And having a lot of stuff to share with you means that I want you to be able to easily digest all this awesomeness.

There’s only one way to deliver all this big news…

A Bulleted List!

  • If you’re a plugged-in horror fan than you probably have already seen this, but if not here’s the link to the podcast interview I did for The Horror Show with Brian Keene. Both Brian and Dave were gracious and patient interviewers and I think I was able to fumble through my nerves and fannish-ness to make some salient points. Inside there’s discussion of my superhero origin story (it involves a Stephen King clothes-hanger mobile and The Drive-In by Joe Landale), Zero Lives Remaining (Mr. Keene says some very nice things about the hardcover, of which there are only a couple left), The Con Season (which will be coming out sometime soon…probably), and we discuss the current collaboration I’ve got cooking with British badass Adam Howe. It was a real honor.
  • While you’ve got your earbuds in, you might as well click over to Audible, Amazon, or iTunes and pick up the audiobook edition of Zero Lives Remaining. The book was produced and narrated by Joe Hempel and I gotta say that he did an amazing job. The book’s a novella, which makes the audiobook a little under three hours, if you listen to it in one sitting it makes a pretty cool audioplay. Turn out the lights and grab a tea for this one. As a bonus: I think it’s a couple bucks cheaper if you’ve already bought the Kindle or paperback edition from Amazon.
zero lives audio cover low rez

Dyer Wilk’s cover for the Audiobook

  • If you’ve been paying attention to my Facebook and/or twitter feed you’ve probably heard that the once out-of-print Bone Meal Broth has returned in a revised and expanded edition. But I haven’t mentioned it on the blog, so I’m doing so now. It’s 11 stories that run the gamut of the genre and also run the gamut of my career, as it begins with one of my first semi-pro published stories and now ends with the critically-acclaimed “So Bad”, a story that originally appeared in Splatterpunk. Bone Meal Broth is only 99 cents and is a must for completionists. If you’ve read it, I’d really appreciate a quick, honest review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.
  • Lastly, but not leastly, I’ve had a free book available for  a few weeks now but I also haven’t told anyone about it. It’s been hiding on the front page of the website, and I’ve already had a bunch of downloads so…good job to you eagle-eyed stalkers! For the rest of you, I’m putting together a mailing list and if you sign up for it you get the ebook of The Blackest Eyes for free! This ebook contains two never-before-published short stories and the first two chapters of The Con Season. If you’d rather toss me 35 cents or would rather not give me your email (I understand, I wouldn’t give me my email either) you can also buy The Blackest Eyes for 99 cents on Amazon. Of special interest to fans of The First One You Expect, the second story in The Blackest Eyes is actually a semi-sequel to that novella. This is technically the first time I’ve connected any of my fictional worlds (clearly I’m not establishing some kind of far reaching mythos with all my work, because I’ve ended books with the destruction of the world like 2-and-a-half times at this point).
Blackest Eyes revised (1)

Click the cover to buy it or “Free Short Read” on the navigation bar to get it for free.


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