The Year’s Best Hardcore Horror & Other Superlatives

Hey all,

Just a quick update to share the link for this anthology I’m in. The Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Volume 1 is available now in ebook and paperback. Edited by Randy Chandler and Cheryl Mullenax, I’m hoping this annual collection continues for a long time.


Not only does the book include great writers like David James Keaton, Adam Howe, MP Johnson, and Tony Knighton, but there’s also some of me in these pages.

My entry is “Readings Off the Charts” and it’s a bit of a rarity, even among my readers. This this marks the first time the story will be available digitally, originally published in a long sold out issue of Splatterpunk, a British mail order-only ‘zine. Huge thanks to Randy and Cheryl for giving the story new life and introducing my work to a new audience. Please consider picking up the collection and then leaving a quick review.

If you haven’t been to the blog in a couple of weeks, then you probably are noticing the new header image. That was drawn by artist Chris Enterline to promote my YouTube channel, Project: Black T-Shirt. A huge thanks to Chris, a guy you can find more about (and commission for yourself) at his website here.


Chris also did a couple of title treatments for the show that you can see above, or can see every week by watching my videos. This week’s episode features my “top five” horror novels that have not yet been adapted to film. I really love doing these, and you can ensure that they continue by watching them, sharing them, and clicking here to subscribe.




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