The End

Okay. Wow. It’s been a month.

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Those of you who follow me elsewhere on the internet (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) have had to put up with a lot of pimping of The Con Season during its run on Kindle Scout.

But tonight at midnight it’ll all be over but the crying. If you’re reading this before the crying is taking place: now’s your last chance to maybe get a free copy.

So I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who’s checked out the KS page and cast a nomination for the book. We won’t know the results from the Kindle Press editors for at least a couple of days (probably upwards of a week), but even if they come back  with a NO!, I feel confident that I’ve run the best race that I could.

The genre and subject matter of The Con Season could be a little bit of a hard sell for the program (I mean, I read it as a straight thriller with horror elements, but their opinions may differ), but one thing’s undeniable: y’all have made the book difficult to ignore. And that’s touched me, because it means I have such supportive friends and readers.

Some stats: as of writing, The Con Season is currently listed in the Kindle Scout site’s “Hot and Trending” category, and during the campaign it’s been there for a whopping 510 hours (that’s way more than half the total hours of the 30 days). By the time things wrap up, the page itself will have been viewed nearly 3,000 times. And over a third of those views didn’t come from direct links, which means that they’re likely people who are hearing my name/checking out my work for the first time. Which is dope.

Every. Single. Person who’s nominated the book deserves a special shout-out, but unfortunately Amazon doesn’t share all your personal information with me (probably for the best). But there are a few folks who went above-and-beyond in their aide:

Armand Rosamilia—who was a Scout winner with his book Dirty Deeds—was an absolute powerhouse of help during and before this process, I really can’t thank him enough and you all should check out his books and podcast(s) if you haven’t already. Matt Serafini—my All-Night Terror co-writer—got me the hookup with some Dread Central press. Michelle Garza (one half of the Sisters of Slaughter, new book here) shared nearly every annoying Facebook post I put up, along with filmmakers Jimmy George, Chris LaMartina and Mike Lombardo. My long-suffering Cemetery Dance Online editor Blu Gilliand, who was gracious enough to feature me in a new interview (you’ll be getting a new column from me soon! I promise!). And finally, the good folks at Modern Horrors, who not only had me as a guest on their wonderful podcast (you should be subscribing on iTunes, you won’t regret it), but also allowed me to ramble about Stranger Things and Stephen King in a guest editorial. Also everyone who let me pitch them in-person at Scares That Care Weekend (Jeez, that’s a blog post in itself, so much fun).

There are at least 50 more people I could name for their shares and retweets (like Brian Keene, who totally encouraged me milking my The Horror Show podcast appearance!) and reblogging, but I’m terrified I’ll leave someone out.

As I said a month ago: no matter the outcome of the campaign, The Con Season will be released. I’m just not sure of the exact specifics.

But the first people to find out about how it’ll be coming out will be those who’ve voted (if it’s a yes) and those who are signed up for my newsletter (either way). So if you’re now invested in this ongoing drama, I encourage you to give me your email addy.

Thanks so much for all the support!



There are new episodes of Project: Black T-Shirt up on YouTube. The newest of which has me reviewing Fede Alvarez’s new film Don’t Breathe ahead of its August 23rd release.

dont breathe thumbnail.jpg

The week before that was a special comic book episode featuring Eibon Press, Harrow County, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Views, comments, likes and subscribes are always appreciated, if you like hearing me ramble in these videos.



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