’70s Horror Flicks to The Dark Tower Came

Hey all,

Really quick update post!

First off, I made a triumphant return to writing for Cemetery Dance Online last week with an article about the different films to watch while reading The Dark Tower. I encourage you to check that out here. It’s kind of a silly list, but people have been enjoying the discussion in wake of The Dark Tower hitting the big screen.

Secondly, because I can’t stop talking about movies apparently, my most recent YouTube video is a rundown of great ’70s horror reissues on Blu-ray. You can watch that here, chime in in the comments, and subscribe if you haven’t.

70s horror thumbnail.jpg

Enjoy! And don’t forget to pick up Scott Cole’s Slices and Patrick Lacey’s A Debt to be Paid! Leave reviews if you can to help support these authors and Black T-Shirt Books. As with all Black T-Shirt releases: these are available in paperback, ebook, and are free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

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