That’s right. My Italian cannibal possession opus¬†Tribesmen¬†is back in a brand-new Black T-Shirt Books edition. Featuring¬†a gorgeous new cover by Matthew Revert, snazzy¬†paperback layout by Scott Cole, and an Author’s Afterword by me, Adam Cesare.

The new¬†ebook¬†and¬†paperbacks are right here. If you’re more of an audiobook person, Joe Hempel’s wonderful¬†reading is on Audible.

This is the novella¬†that started it all and I hope that those of you who haven’t yet¬†checked it out will go give it a chance. I’m also aware¬†that MANY of you have already read¬†Tribesmen¬†and are like: “Stop blogging me about reissues, Adam. Go write a new book!”¬†You’re not wrong! While I’ve been working on various projects (one of them a new novel!), I’ve been focusing on bringing¬†out my backlist in these “author preferred” editions, getting them “in house” while I prepare for Phase II of my career. Doesn’t that sound ominous?

As with all my books: leaving a quick, honest review on Amazon (Goodreads helps too, but pretty please cross-post your reviews on Amazon) helps me get the word out and does a lot to drive sales. It is immensely appreciated.

So what else have I been up to? Well, outside of some stuff I’m NDA’d up the wazoo about, I’ve been trying to stay regular on my YouTube Channel. I’ve put up probably a dozen videos since the last newsletter went out, but a good recent one to start with is probably my¬†Top 5 Scream Factory Releases countdown. Click that subscribe button under the video to stay current:

One last note, I know that a few people who visit the blog are indie authors or associated with indie publishing, so I’ve got to say something quick.

If you’re looking for book design, layout, and/or cover services: my buddy Scott Cole has recently gone freelance and would love to talk with you about your projects. Not only an author,¬†Scott’s laid out every Black T-Shirt paperback release. If you own any of these books: you can tell that his work is a cut above the rest. Too often I’m sent books for review where the writing is great, but the author or publisher were¬†like “design schmesign, I can do this myself” and their books look… uh, not great. You can get in touch with Scott through his¬†Twitter,¬†website, or reach out directly to to inquire about rates. He’s a good author,¬†a good dude, and a master at design/layout. Tell him Adam sent you.

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