That’s right. My Italian cannibal possession opus Tribesmen is back in a brand-new Black T-Shirt Books edition. Featuring a gorgeous new cover by Matthew Revert, snazzy paperback layout by Scott Cole, and an Author’s Afterword by me, Adam Cesare.

The new ebook and paperbacks are right here. If you’re more of an audiobook person, Joe Hempel’s wonderful reading is on Audible.

This is the novella that started it all and I hope that those of you who haven’t yet checked it out will go give it a chance. I’m also aware that MANY of you have already read Tribesmen and are like: “Stop blogging me about reissues, Adam. Go write a new book!” You’re not wrong! While I’ve been working on various projects (one of them a new novel!), I’ve been focusing on bringing out my backlist in these “author preferred” editions, getting them “in house” while I prepare for Phase II of my career. Doesn’t that sound ominous?

As with all my books: leaving a quick, honest review on Amazon (Goodreads helps too, but pretty please cross-post your reviews on Amazon) helps me get the word out and does a lot to drive sales. It is immensely appreciated.

So what else have I been up to? Well, outside of some stuff I’m NDA’d up the wazoo about, I’ve been trying to stay regular on my YouTube Channel. I’ve put up probably a dozen videos since the last newsletter went out, but a good recent one to start with is probably my Top 5 Scream Factory Releases countdown. Click that subscribe button under the video to stay current:

One last note, I know that a few people who visit the blog are indie authors or associated with indie publishing, so I’ve got to say something quick.

If you’re looking for book design, layout, and/or cover services: my buddy Scott Cole has recently gone freelance and would love to talk with you about your projects. Not only an author, Scott’s laid out every Black T-Shirt paperback release. If you own any of these books: you can tell that his work is a cut above the rest. Too often I’m sent books for review where the writing is great, but the author or publisher were like “design schmesign, I can do this myself” and their books look… uh, not great. You can get in touch with Scott through his Twitterwebsite, or reach out directly to to inquire about rates. He’s a good author, a good dude, and a master at design/layout. Tell him Adam sent you.

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