Clown in a Cornfield Announced! 🤡🔪

Update: Buy Clown in a Cornfield on AmazonBarnes & NobleBookshop, or Books-A-Million or keep reading on to be convinced.

Adam, where you been? You used to be so prolific but it’s been years since your last book.

I’ve been busy busy busy, and I’m so thrilled to be able to share this news with you:


Yes, my next novel is called Clown in a Cornfield. It was announced last week in Publishers Marketplace, then Publishers Weekly (you can read their coverage here) and it will be out summer 2020 from HarperTeen. As you can probably imagine, I’m a little overwhelmed at the news and thankful to everyone who’s reached out to wish me well.

I can’t say much about the book beyond sharing the synopsis, but yes: it is a teen slasher. One of my favorite subgenres, possibly my very favorite. I’m incredibly proud of the book. It’s scary, funny, action-packed, and modern as hell. Temple Hill Entertainment (the YA adaptation powerhouses responsible for The Maze Runner, Twilight, The Hate U Give, and many others) is handling the film and TV side of things. Fingers crossed on that front.

I’m so looking forward to getting this in your hands and I beg your indulgence in the coming months as I spread killer clown emojis far and wide.


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