DEAD MALL out soon from Dark Horse Comics!

Behold! That’s the first issue of Dead Mall, a cosmic horror monster comic that hits comic book shops October 26th. The book has covers and interior art by David Stoll, letters by Justin Birch, and is being published by one of the best pubs out there: Dark Horse Comics.

Dead Mall is a 4 issue mini-series about a group of teens who become trapped in an abandoned mall… a mall that wants to eat them. To say any more would spoil the surprise of these 4 issues, but I’ll just say: I’m very very proud of what we’re making here, a book pitched as “Chopping Mall meets The Ruins meets Nightbreed“. If you’re a fan of my work in prose, especially the Clown in a Cornfield books, you will enjoy this comic!

And don’t take my word for it, you can read the first six pages of issue one over at Bloody Disgusting.

Great, right? Single issue sales help comics a lot. So, please, consider driving out to your local comic shop on Wednesday October 26th and picking up the print edition. And while you’re there, please pre-order issues #2-4 or have them added to your “pull list” with the shop. If you don’t *have* a local comic shop, print copies can be ordered through Things From Another World right here.

And, since I know I’m going to get this question: yes, there will be a collected trade paperback edition (in fact, you can already pre-order it on amazon here), but pretty please grab the single issues as they’re released!

I’ve written a few comics (most notably this arc on Dark Crystal), and love the medium. But this is my first creator-owned book, so any and all support in spreading the word is appreciated. Thanks!

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