The Summer Job


Claire’s post-college prospects have fizzled and she’s looking for a new job, a new town, a whole new life. A summer position at a remote hotel may be just what she needs.

Very soon, though, she begins to suspect the hotel may have sinister motives. At the same time she falls back into her old wild ways with the young people of the town, a radical group totally at odds with the sinister leaders of a local cult. Caught between two worlds, Claire has to plot her escape while spiraling deeper into a nightmare of ritual sacrifice and killer parties. 

THE SUMMER JOB is a really fucking good book, and a definite expansion of Cesare’s cinematic wavelength. Whoever decides to make a movie out of this has a doozy of a challenge.” – John Skipp for Fangoria

the textbook definition of a nail-biter” and “Cesare’s best novel yet” – Ryan Daley, Bloody Disgusting

The prologue of The Summer Job is one the best and scariest openings to a horror novel I’ve ever read. The rest of the novel is equally great.” LitReactor

Available now in ebook and paperback. Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

T-shirts also avalabile from Skurvy Ink Pressmockup-summer_white

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