Black T-Shirt Books

This is a page for other writer’s work, if you’re looking for Adam Cesare’s books or Clown in a Cornfield you can buy that here through AmazonBarnes & NobleBookshop, or Books-A-Million or keep scrolling to discover new books from my friends.

Not only do I have work out with publishers as eclectic and esteemed as Random House Hydra, Deadite Press, Broken River Books, and Comet Press, but in recent years I’ve started my own label Black T-Shirt Books.

Notice I said “label” not “business” or “publishing company.” BTS is not a traditional publisher, it’s a privately held brand shared among a select group of authors. What does this mean for readers? Not much, other than when you buy a Black T-Shirt title you can rest assured that 100% of the profits are going to support the writer. I’m not taking a monetary cut, but I wholeheartedly endorse each and every author on the label.

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Black T-Shirt Books is not only an outlet for Adam Cesare reprints and originals, its allowed me to put out work with authors I love and whose work I believe needs to find a wider audience (you!).

Here’s a rundown of each, click the cover to purchase:


The Fallen Boys by Aaron Dries. For fans of psychologically complex and emotionally taut horror, look no further than the work of Aaron Dries. The Fallen Boys begins with a shock and lures readers down a dark and twisty mystery that ends with a gutpunch.



Never has a book’s title been more appropriate. Matt Serafini’s Feral is all gnashing teeth and animal stink. It is just what your veterinarian ordered if you caught fleas from the litany of bad, toothless werewolf books on the market. Like all of Black T-Shirt Books, Feral: A Novel of Werewolf Horror is available in ebook and paperback. If you buy the paperback, you can download the ebook for free as part as the Matchbook program, and the whole novel is free to read for Kindle Unlimited members.


Set in the same world as Feral, Devil’s Row: A Novel of Werewolf Revenge is the stand-alone prequel that will get your heart pumping with werewolves, witch hunters and brutal historical horror action. Matt Serafini has outdone himself with this one. Pick up your paperback or ebook copy here or read the book via Kindle Unlimited.

A Debt to be Paid - Digital.jpg
A Debt to Be Paid is exactly the kind of horror I enjoy. It’s not “throwback” in the smarmy “did you get the reference I just made?” way, but it does feel apiece with something that could have been published as a supermarket paperback (a slim one, it is a novella, but the Black T-Shirt edition is loaded with extra stories). A Debt to Be Paid is It Follows meets that popular internet myth of shadowmen, plus a little bit of financial crisis allegory. You’re going to love it. Please buy it in ebook or paperback right here.

Scott Cole has one of the best imaginations I’ve ever witnessed in action. I’ve talked about how much I love his novella Superghost, but I think this collection is going to be the book that puts him over the top. Scott is a master of super-short fiction, and in Slices he offers up 34 demented and disturbing tales that pack more punch than stories 3x their size. Which isn’t to turn you off if you don’t like flash fiction, because Slices offers quite a few longer tales as well. This weird and wild collection should be on your list if you like Tim Burton, David Lynch, or think the two of those directors should get together and eat a liverwurst sandwich. Buy it in ebook or paperback here.

All titles are enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program, if you wanted to read them that way for free. And the Matchbook program, where if you buy the paperback, you get the ebook for free.

If you pick up one or both (preferable) of these books, it’s worth repeating: Amazon reviews are what help keep us in business, and we appreciate every single one.