Summer O’ Slashers

Hey all.

How’s things? Things are good with me. Finishing up a number of projects that are going to keep me hyped up from 2019 and beyond, but can’t quite talk about any of that yet. I will say that the Video Night audiobook is continuing to slay. I think a lot of that is down to Matt Godfrey’s awesome performance. If you’ve listened to it and could leave a quick review on Audible: we’d appreciate it.


But enough about me, this last week there were two big book releases from the Black T-Shirt crew.

First is Triple Axe by Scott Cole. This is out from Grindhouse Press, one of the absolute best cross-genre publishers in the bizarro scene. It’s hilarious and profane and I cannot recommend it more as a weird, mind-expanding slasher beach read.


Next is a reissue of Matt Serafini’s Under the Blade. This remastered, updated edition of Serafini’s taut, frightening, and twisty slasher-thriller is now available in paperback and ebook.  But don’t take my word for it, Brian Keene said: “Echoes of horror’s paperback glory days, but spills new blood with a modern protagonist and style. I loved it!”

And even though it came out a few weeks ago, we can’t forget to mention Pat Lacey’s horror-movie-themed novel Bone Saw, out now from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.


So those are my big recommendations while you’re waiting for the next Adam Cesare book to drop (and believe me, I’m waiting too, but the wait’s going to be worth it). Like *all* authors, Matt, Scott, and Pat really appreciate (and most times financially benefit) when you leave a quick Amazon and Goodreads review of their books when you’re done.

If you’ve been neglecting to keep up on my YouTube videos or (gasp!) haven’t subscribed to my channel, I’ve been having a lot of fun sharing movie and book reviews over there. Here are a couple of my recent faves:

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Go Go Black T-Shirt!

Probably showing my age here (both how old or how young I am, depending on your perspective), but growing up I had pretty much every action figure, every Zord, every morpher, from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Giant robots, teen hijinks, monsters: the show was definitely my aesthetic. Especially since at the same age (and continuing to today) I was a huge comic book fan and it was one of the few places to get a live-action superhero fix.


Which is why it’s doubly sweet to have a story in BOOM! Studio’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual. The book hits comic shops Wednesday, April 25th. If you’re interested in grabbing a copy, be aware that stores *will* sell out, so call your shop and ask them to hold your book, if at all possible. The annual features five stories that connect to the larger Shattered Grid event that’s been going since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25, and it’s a massive crossover arc that features shocking character deaths (and a few shocking alternate universe heel turns). The story I scripted involves the the cast of Power Rangers in Space and was illustrated by the incredible Hyeonjin Kim, with colors by Joana Lafuente and letters by Ed Dukeshire.

If you’re a fan of my fiction but not big into comics or the Power Rangers: I still think you’ll find a lot to enjoy in this issue (though I was kind enough to be allowed to play in the Saban Brands’ sandbox, the high-stakes nature of Shattered Grid meant that I got to do some very… on-brand things in my script). But I also have to say: if you’re a comics reader who’s not checking out BOOM!’s Power Rangers line then you’re missing out. Lead writers Kyle Higgins and Ryan Parrot (on the prequel spinoff book Go Go Power Rangers) are creating a user-friendly series that appeals to die-hard fans but at the same time stands alone for casual fans and tells incredibly compelling superhero stories (for example, there’s a standout issue where you meet the failed ’60s Vietnam-era Power Rangers team, great stuff). I’m very grateful to everyone at BOOM! for the opportunity.

Please head to your local comic book store and ask for (nay, demand) the issue. Or, you can order a copy (I think) direct from the publisher. Or, if you’re really not into physical media, then there’s always Amazon/Comixology.

So, that’s about it for news, aside from the Video Night audiobook (narrated by Matt Godfrey) still selling like gangbusters. Have you picked up your copy yet? Please do, and when you’re done leave a review on Audible and Amazon.


We’re closing in on the magical 50 review/ratings number on Audible, and reviews and word of mouth is how both Matt and I keep the lights on. When you’re finished with that, might I recommend some of my other audiobooks (the rest of them narrated by the wonderful Joe Hempel), ebooks, or paperbacks like Zero Lives Remaining, Tribesmen, or The Con Season?

Other than that, I’ve been keeping busy with writing the new book (it’s close to finished, any day now), and with keeping my YouTube channel updated with a new video every week. Some recent thumbnails are below, click them to check out reviews for They Remain, Ghost Stories, and a list of reading recommendations you might want to bring to your book club.

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Aliens Invade Your Ears! Black T-Shirt Books Goes International!

Big news! My first novel, Video Night, is now an exquisitely-produced audiobook. Narrator Matt Godfrey (who audio fans may know for his production of Micheal McDowell’s Blackwater) gives an incredible performance here and I am overwhelmed to have such a talent bringing life to a book that’s very near and dear to my heart.


If you’ve been holding off on checking out the book, now’s the perfect time to grab it in this new format. Or, if you’ve read the book when it first came out, now’s the perfect time to revisit. And if you’re a “eh, audiobooks aren’t for me” kind of reader, I think this might be the book that breaks you into the habit. As someone who didn’t consider myself an audiobook guy until recently, I have to say that I now LOVE the format. It’s a great way to supplement my reading while I’m doing the dishes or walking the dog. It’s available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

The OTHER piece of big news is that Black T-Shirt Books has expanded again. Please welcome the amazing Aaron Dries to the family by picking up The Fallen Boys: A Novel of Psychological Horror in either ebook or paperback. 


Author and filmmaker Mick Garris (Masters of Horror, Stephen King’s The Stand, Critters 2: The Main Course) calls it “A terrific book. Beautiful and brutal. Heartbreaking and incredibly emotional. I really, really enjoyed it.” And Hellnotes says: “It will upset and maybe even offend. It will trick you and make you wince. But above all else, The Fallen Boys will move you. This is a tale you will never forget, as told by one of the most important new voices in the genre.”

Aaron is flat out my favorite writer from the Samhain-era and I’m so happy he’s chosen to release this incredible novel with us. He’s a master of what I like to think of as tragi-horror, his stories imbued with such verisimilitude and melancholy that they all really put you through the emotional wringer while at the same time shredding your nerves. Which is very different from what the other writers in the Black T-Shirt stable do, but it’s good to mix it up, right?

As with all Black T-Shirt releases: both The Fallen Boys and the Video Night audiobook will live and die on your support. So please pick up a copy (or help spread the word, even if you can’t commit right now) and then consider leaving each a quick, honest Amazon and Goodreads review when you’re finished. It’s how we make our livings and how we get the word out about the books. Thanks!

That’s it on the announcement front. But while I still have you here, have you been to my YouTube channel recently? I’ve got new videos up discussing the virtues of Syfy’s Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block and another one foaming at the mouth over Arrow Video’s new release of Basket Case. Please subscribe and then come join the conversations going on in our (lively) comments section.

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New Merch, New Vids, Same Me

Hey y’all. Long time no talk. How are you? I’m good.

So just wanted to drop a line and say that I’ve been keeping busy with writing (nothing that I’m able announce yet, but these current projects are going to blow your mind), but I’ve also been chipping away on the YouTube Channel and getting new merch set up.

I’ve been a fan of artist Trevor Henderson for a while (he’s got some awesome prints and pins for sale on his BigCartel page, so be sure to spend money there). Which means it was weird to me when a year or two ago he started reading my books and tweeting about them. It seemed only natural to reach out to him and see if we could get something going, commission wise. The first labor of this relationship is finally here:

The Summer Job_Final.png

Yes, you can wear this stunning art on your body. I’m not going to tell you to buy seven of these shirts so you have one for every day of the week, but that is something you could do. If you like the shirt but haven’t yet read the novel it’s based on, you can do that here in paperback or ebook. Or you can leave a review if you’re feeling super generous.

While I’m blogging and pimping stuff, I might as well mention that my most recent YouTube video is all about how to get started reading horror fiction, if the genre intimidates you. But don’t let the premise fool you, there are plenty of recommendations even hardened fans may not have heard of:

Horror books getting started thumbnail.png

Hope you enjoy, be sure to comment and subscribe to let me know how much you crave to watch me talk into my cell phone camera.

That’s it. Quick update. Have a great day!

All-Hallows Cesare

It’s been over a month since I last updated the ol’ blog, but I’ve been far from sedentary.


Leatherface really wants that Video Night shirt I’m wearing. He could just order his own…

Took a road trip up to Rock and Shock in Worcester, MA earlier in the month and it was just as great as always, even better because Black T-Shirt Books had a huge table with all of our authors in attendance.

The Adventure Time Spoooktacular 2017 hit comic shops and seems to have been well-received with both critics and fans of the show (Paste Magazine called it “wildly entertaining” and Nerdist says it’s a “fantastic anthology that Adventure Time fans can’t miss”). If you still haven’t grabbed your copy you can call your local comic store or order direct from BOOM! Studios.

And on top of all that (and some top-secret stuff it’s too early to talk about), I’ve been a busy, stammering, bee on YouTube with my Project: Black T-Shirt channel. If you’ve missed me giving a tour of my movie shelves, discussing Chucky’s latest massacre, paging through Grady Hendrix new book Paperbacks from Hell, or wanted the festival-circuit heads up on Tragedy Girls, please click over there and binge-watch. Also hit those “like” and “subscribe” buttons if you don’t mind.

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Paperbacks from Hell thumbnail


A few months ago an editor at BOOM! Studios got in touch with me and asked if I would be interested in pitching a story for this year’s Adventure Time SpOooktacular comic book.

My response of “Hell yes I would!” broke the email sound barrier.

adventure time.jpeg
The annual-sized issue focuses on Peppermint Butler, everyone’s shady confectionary valet. The issue also features stories by Grady Hendrix (the awesome My Best Friend’s Exorcism and Paperbacks from Hell), Nebula and World Fantasy award winner Alyssa Wong (!), and animator and Lovecraft scholar Chris Lackey. The supernaturally-talented Christine Larsen provided the art for my story and her work truly has to be seen to be believed.

Writing for comics has been a lifelong dream and now that I have my first professional comic book story coming out on October 11th, I need your help.

If you want to pick up this fine Halloween-themed issue the best way to do that is to go to your local comic book store before October 11th and ask them to reserve you a copy of the Adventure Time 2017 SpOooktacular.  Pre-ordering this way helps me/us/your local small business the most. And I’m sure your local comic book guy/gal would love to see you.

If you absolutely don’t have a comic book store in your area (really?), you can order the print edition direct from BOOM!’s website. Or if you prefer digital comics you can pre-order from Amazon/Comixology (which are one in the same now, I think).

Not something I usually get to say about my work, but: this comic is 100% appropriate for your kids. And the stories stand alone, so even if you aren’t familiar with Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time (you should be, it’s incredible), you’ll still find something to giggle about.

Okay, that’s enough about that.

If you’re here because you want ghastly horror and only ghastly horror, you’re in luck because Chris Enterline and I have a new shirt out, this one based on my haunted arcade book Zero Lives Remaining. It and all the other shirt designs we’ve done are now available on Amazon and they look really great in person.

If you’d rather not read anything at all, I’ve been hitting the YouTube thing hard and putting up new videos to get people pumped about Halloween. I did one about the best horror films to watch with your kids/introduce them to horror, then one about the recent Blu-ray releases for The Zodiac Killer (1971) and Effects (1980). You can check those out here and by clicking on the thumbnails below. Please don’t forget to subscribe and comment.

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’70s Horror Flicks to The Dark Tower Came

Hey all,

Really quick update post!

First off, I made a triumphant return to writing for Cemetery Dance Online last week with an article about the different films to watch while reading The Dark Tower. I encourage you to check that out here. It’s kind of a silly list, but people have been enjoying the discussion in wake of The Dark Tower hitting the big screen.

Secondly, because I can’t stop talking about movies apparently, my most recent YouTube video is a rundown of great ’70s horror reissues on Blu-ray. You can watch that here, chime in in the comments, and subscribe if you haven’t.

70s horror thumbnail.jpg

Enjoy! And don’t forget to pick up Scott Cole’s Slices and Patrick Lacey’s A Debt to be Paid! Leave reviews if you can to help support these authors and Black T-Shirt Books. As with all Black T-Shirt releases: these are available in paperback, ebook, and are free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Hot Summer Reads! Horrendous Sunglasses!

Desperate for some creepy reading for when you’re at the beach? I’ve come up with a list of five (it’s actually seven, but don’t tell anyone) novels and audiobooks. You can check that out over on my YouTube channel. If you haven’t hit that subscribe button, I’d love it if you did.

Summer Reads thumbnail

Are movies more your thing? Well I was lucky enough to get the chance to check out the upcoming 68 Kill at a special screening during Wizard World last month. The movie was directed by Trent Haaga, stars Matthew Gray Gubler and AnnaLynne McCord, and was based on a novel by Bryan Smith. I’ve got a video review of that where I discuss other recent novel-to-film adaptations.

68 kill thumbnail

If you’ve no interest in watching me talk, and would rather read my take on a giant monster story: Exponential is now out in paperback from Black T-Shirt Books. This new edition sports a dope new cover and a brand new afterword. If you already own the old edition: this is the same book, don’t double-dip unless you’re really sure you need to own the new cover. If you’d prefer to save paper: there’s always the ebook, also available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


If you’ve already got that, or monsters aren’t your thing: Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Volume Two is now out in ebook, paperback, and audiobook narrated by Joe Hempel.  There are great authors like Tim Waggoner, Michael Arnzen, and Bryan Smith in there. Along with one by me.

years best 2

That’s all for today! Happy reading, stay cool!

A Spine-bursting ALIEN: COVENANT hot-take and personal appearance update

Hey all. Just a few quick updates today.

First of all, if you’re a Philly area local (or willing to travel), I’m going to be selling books at the Wizard World Comic Con June 1st-4th. If you’re planning on attending and haven’t bought your tickets yet: I’ve got a 20% off coupon made specially for my readers. Just enter the discount code BLACKT at checkout here.

Should be a great weekend, as it’s not only Wizard World’s normal schtick, but this year Bloody Disgusting is co-presenting Horror Fest, a con-within-a-con complete with film festival (I’ll surely be attending the screening of 68 Kill).  Hope to see you there.

If that doesn’t work for you, but Virginia is a little closer, I’ll once again be at Scares that Care Weekend (I’m a 3-timer now) July 21st-23rd. Details on that here.

If you’ve got no interest in talking with me in person: I understand! If you’d rather have me beamed to your home via internet waves (a real thing, I assure you), you can watch a brand new Project: Black T-Shirt wherein I tackle the long awaited Alien: Covenant.

Alien thumbnail

As always, please leave a comment, a like, or subscribe to the channel.

Other than that, I’ve been a busy little bee on the writing front, but nothing new I can share yet. I will say this: the new book is going to be nothing to laugh at…

Peace, y’all.

An Unstoppable Monster Returns


Exponential is now out in ebook as a Black T-Shirt Books release. This new edition sports a great new cover by Fredrick Richardson and a new afterword. The paperback should be along in a few weeks. If you’re unfamiliar, Exponential is the story of an escaped lab experiment that’s growing and killing its way from Arizona to Las Vegas and the criminals and screw-ups who team up to fight it.

It’s one of my favorite things I’ve done and I’m hoping it will be able to reach an even wider audience in this spiffy new edition. If you’d like to help with that by picking up a copy, reading it through Kindle Unlimited, or simply spreading the word among your horror loving friends: I’d appreciate it. Quick, honest Amazon reviews also help a ton.

The re-launches for Video Night, The Summer Job, and Zero Lives Remaining have been smash successes, and it’s all because readers have helped me out with spreading the word.

Okay, enough self-promo. Let’s talk horror movies. 2017 is off to a strong start, is it not? I loved Get Out, but it was Raw (directed by Julia Ducournau and starring Garance Marillier) that really got me up on my chair and shouting, as you can see in this episode of Project: Black T-Shirt.

Happy with how this video turned out, and hoping to get back on a weekly schedule of pairing a horror film with some horror fiction reading suggestions. Have you read or seen anything interesting recently? Please subscribe to the channel and let me know in the comments.

And speaking of reading suggestions… I’m currently reading Dream Woods by Patrick Lacey and it’s fantastic. He’s doing something cool with his next novel, We Came Back, in that he’s pledging all the proceeds to charity (cancer, I believe). So I suggest picking up both books and supporting a nice guy while getting your horror reading on.

That’s all I’ve got for now. But did want to leave a quick reminder that if you pick up a Video Night shirt from RedBubble, the artist (Chris Enterline) and I would really like to hear from you so we can share your picture on Facebook.

Have a good day and stay creepy!