A Monster Mash Road-trip Novel!


Sam Taylor just wants a friend. Is that too much to ask? His only mistake is finding that friend in Felix, a lab mouse that Sam rescues from the top-secret facility where he works as a janitor. Shortly after his rescue, the mouse begins to change, to swell. There’s something new growing underneath Felix’s fur. Growing very fast.

Holed up in a roadside bar, four survivors–a woman who’s lost everything, her drug dealer, a tribal police officer, and a professional gambler–are all that stand between the rampaging beast and the city of Las Vegas. But as the monster keeps growing–and eating–how long until it’s able to topple the walls protecting them?

Exponential is an excellent novel, one of the best creature features I’ve read in years, and will very likely appear on my Top 10 Horror Reads of 2014…”
Horror After Dark

“…Adam Cesare’s mix of grim violence and old school horror movie references make for a great read.”
Rue Morgue (#152) on Exponential

Exponential is fast-paced fun, a rollicking monster movie in 200 quick-moving pages.”


“A few books ago, many reviewers, including me, declared Cesare an outstanding new voice in the genre and the future of horror. Well, the future is now, and this novel proves that Cesare is a consummate master of the creepy, the bloody, and the scary.”


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