I Am The Pretty Ghost Kaiju That Destroyed Germany

Hey guys and gals,

Quick catch-up post just to dump some links tonight.

First of all: thanks to everyone who came out to the KGB Bar reading last week. Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, Nick Cato, and Leza Cantoral were all awesome. And an extra special big thanks to Christoph Paul for hosting and inviting me to participate.

But speaking of Christoph, I give his new horror film poetry book a shout out in this week’s episode of Project Black T-Shirt. We also discuss the Netflix original film I Am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House(2016), written and directed by Osgood Perkins and starring Ruth Wilson. I liked it a lot, but click here to find out why.


Another huge thanks to author/photographer Jonathan Lees, who took this awesome picture while I was reading:

KGB reading.jpg

The week before that I was reviewing Shin Godzilla, which I caught during its limited theatrical run and lived to tell the tale about. That’s right here.


This week I celebrated a huge milestone in my career with the German-language release of Tribesmen. A huge thank you to Voodoo Press for taking a chance on me overseas. If you’re a German reader, please click over to their website to pick up your copy in ebook or paperback. Here’s that sweet sweet German cover:

german tribesmen.jpg

Other than that, things are all quiet on my front. My newest novel, The Con Season, has been selling unbelievably well, probably due to the release of the audiobook and the kind words from everyone who’s taken the time to leave an Amazon review. Just a quick public service reminder that the audiobook’s actually cheaper if you buy the Kindle version ($2.99) and then the audio ($1.99) as opposed to buying the audio straight-out.

Have a great week!


The Con Season Audiobook!

Just a quick little post to let you know that The Con Season: A Novel of Survival Horror is now an audiobook!

V1_TheConSeasonCD (1).jpg

Narrator Joe Hempel (who also recorded Tribesmen and Zero Lives Remaining) did a great job on this title. As an extra special bonus: if you already own the kindle version you can upgrade to the audiobook for less than $4! What a deal!

Of course, if you prefer to hold dead trees in the palm of your hand: there’s still the paperback. I sold a ton of these at Rock and Shock last weekend, so a huge thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and said hi to Bracken MacLeod, Patrick Lacey, and myself.

If you enjoy The Con Season in any of its three formats: please take a second to leave a quick review on amazon. It helps out so much.

Oh, and on the sly while I’ve got you, check out Chris Enterline’s art for the forthcoming Thunderstorm Books hardcover of CS. Can that dude do art or what?!? Keep your eyes peeled here and on Thunderstorm’s own site to catch the pre-order before it sells out.


Getting in the Halloween spirit (plus Splatterpunk lives!)

Hey y’all,

It’s been a spell (a couple months) since I checked in on the blog and offered an update. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube I’ve been just as gabby as usual.

Project: Black T-Shirt has been going strong, with weekly video uploads and this week’s is one I’m particularly proud of. It’s a list of 6 great books to get you in that Halloween state-of-mind. Authors like Paul Tremblay, Gillian Flynn, and Bracken MacLeod show up, so please go check it out here. If you’ve got titles of your own you’d like to share: please speak up in the comments.

Speaking of Bracken MacLeod: we’re going to be selling books next weekend at Rock and Shock in Worcester, MA. Author Patrick Lacey will also be joining us at the table, so if you’re going to be at the con: please come by the table and say hi. Maybe even buy a book, both Pat and Bracken have new ones (Dream Woods and Stranded, respectively).

Rock and Shock is always a great time (I’ve been going since the second year, and even though I now live in Philly it’s a great excuse to go sip Dunkin Donuts in New England once a year). It’s a special show: if you’re in the area I guarantee you’ll be happy you went.

Also, if you’re tracking my movements: I’ll be reading at KGB Bar in NYC on October 26th along with Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, Nick Cato, and Christoph Paul (who’s also hosting). If you’re a New Yorker or are willing to travel: I’d love to see you.

In keeping with the Halloween theme: Sinister Grin Press has put All-Night Terror (my collaborative collection with Matt Serafini) on sale for 2 bucks. That’s cheap as hell! If you pick up the book: please consider leaving a quick review when you’re done.



Lastly but not leastly: if you’re looking for a NEW Halloween treat from me I’ve got a story in Jack Bantry’s new collection Splatterpunk’s Not Dead! There are a ton of great authors in here, and it’s all new stories, so you don’t have to worry about getting skunked with a reprint. My story “Please Subscribe” has already been selected for next year’s Year’s Best Hardcore Horror from Comet Press. So I’m happy with it.


Other than that, no big publishing news. I’m slowly chipping away at a number of projects, all of them still secret at this point. While you’re waiting for the new stuff: have you read The Con Season? If so: leave a review and then go check out some of the authors in the video at the top of this post.

I’ll have new scares for you soon.





THE CON SEASON Reviews Are In! And They’re Important!

Updated 9/4 with links to the paperback version.

So, we’re two weeks after The Con Season‘s ebook release and I am overwhelmed by the response. If you still haven’t picked it up, you can fix that here. And if you’re not a fan of ebooks: the paperback version has just arrived! In addition to the softcover: I’ve inked a deal with Joe Hempel to narrate the audiobook, and negotiations are currently ongoing for a limited edition hardcover (though if you are looking to wait for these other editions: I’d ask you consider picking up the ebook in the meantime, since it’s probably the purchase that does me the most good, for both visibility and money).

There is this very cool review from Michael Patrick Hicks, this one from CD Online staff reviewer Frank Michaels Errington, and I think these are sufficient evidence to mark the book a hit with the guys-with-three-names demographic. Author John Quick only has two names, but he also seemed to like it. For that I am grateful.

To promote the book and talk a little more about the inception of Black T-Shirt Books, I conducted this long-form interview with Gabino Iglesias at HorrorTalk. We touch on a lot of fun stuff, like a Con Season-themed playlist, the joys of collaboration, and film adaptations.

14045368_10154507130339479_102916322_o (1)
All those are excellent links, and I thank anyone who’s taken the time to review the book for a blog/website. But the real superstars, for me, are the 13 readers who picked up the book on Amazon or read it through the Kindle Unlimited program, and then took the time to leave a brief review on Amazon. If you’ve read the book: PLEASE consider taking a few minutes and leaving a review, if you haven’t. Those reviews lead to more visibility which leads to more sales and more reviews. If do one thing to say thanks to an author you enjoy: make it an Amazon review.

That’s it for today. Quick post. BTW: this week’s video is a Top Five list of Herschell Gordon Lewis films. Because I met the man last week. Watch it here.

Surprise! THE CON SEASON is available NOW!

First the good news: you can click here, right now, and secure yerself a copy of The Con Season: A Novel of Survival Horror. That’s the ebook link, but paperback will be out in a month or two if you’re an absolute tree-hating physical media diehard.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Horror movie starlet Clarissa Lee is beautiful, internationally known, and…completely broke.

To cap off years of questionable financial and personal decisions, Clarissa accepts an invitation to participate in a “fully immersive” fan convention. She arrives at an off-season summer camp and finds what was supposed to be a quick buck has become a real-life slasher movie.

Deep in the woods of Kentucky with a supporting cast of B-level celebrities, Clarissa must fight to survive the deadly game that the con’s organizers have rigged against her.

A demented, funny, bloody, and strangely-poignant horror novel from the acclaimed author of Tribesmen, Zero Lives Remaining, and Mercy House.

Go ahead and buy the book before scrolling any further.

con season resize 50 percent

I’ll wait.

Now the not-so-good news: if you nominated the book, probably already you know that Kindle Scout has decided to pass on publishing The Con Season.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s a bit of a bummer. I feel like our numbers game was strong, but I also understand where the editors are coming from.

This book—an inside-baseball horror fandom satire with moments of blackly comedic ultraviolence—probably doesn’t scream “marketable!” It also doesn’t help that their cover guidelines suggest “no weapons or blood” and I was trying to sneak in a book featuring a blood-smeared woman holding a rifle…

Or all of that could be me trying to justify them simply not liking the book. I’m big enough to admit that.

But enough about the past! Let’s talk about the future. More specifically, let’s talk about Black T-Shirt Books!

14045368_10154507130339479_102916322_o (1)

Boom! We got a logo and everything. Huge thanks to Chris Enterline for getting that done.

I wasn’t messing around in last month’s post where I claimed to have “contingency plans” in place for The Con Season. As touched as I am at all the messages of condolence that I’ve received for being passed by Scout: really, it’s cool, nobody died!

I entered into this campaign knowing that having the book rejected was a very real possibility. I had to hand KS a completely edited manuscript and final cover art: so I was always viewing the program as an experiment in self-publishing.

And now that experiment is live and YOU get to decide if it keeps going or not.

Will Black T-Shirt books be releasing more titles? Yeah, if you and a few friends buy, review, and share this one.

I know I harp on the need for reviews (seriously, not just my books, if you read ANY book and like it: please review that ish on Amazon, you’ll be helping make quality writing more visible). But this time, since Black T-Shirt books is me doing this all by myself without the backing of a publisher, reviews are doubly important. As is word of mouth, shares on Facebook and Twitter, and updates to your Goodreads.

And if the Black T-Shirt Books experiment doesn’t succeed? Well, then it’s back to the drawing board, because we all know I’ve got schemes and machinations and secret-books for miles. 🙂

Thanks so much for everything, guys and gals, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support.

With love,

Adam Cesare
CEO and Master of Shirts at Black T-Shirt Books

P.S. New episodes of the YouTube show are up:

An early review of Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe:

dont breathe thumbnail

And a less-SEO friendly review of 1984’s The Mutilator, recently reissued by Arrow Video: 

mutilator thumbnail 2

The End

Okay. Wow. It’s been a month.

con season resize 50 percent

Those of you who follow me elsewhere on the internet (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) have had to put up with a lot of pimping of The Con Season during its run on Kindle Scout.

But tonight at midnight it’ll all be over but the crying. If you’re reading this before the crying is taking place: now’s your last chance to maybe get a free copy.

So I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who’s checked out the KS page and cast a nomination for the book. We won’t know the results from the Kindle Press editors for at least a couple of days (probably upwards of a week), but even if they come back  with a NO!, I feel confident that I’ve run the best race that I could.

The genre and subject matter of The Con Season could be a little bit of a hard sell for the program (I mean, I read it as a straight thriller with horror elements, but their opinions may differ), but one thing’s undeniable: y’all have made the book difficult to ignore. And that’s touched me, because it means I have such supportive friends and readers.

Some stats: as of writing, The Con Season is currently listed in the Kindle Scout site’s “Hot and Trending” category, and during the campaign it’s been there for a whopping 510 hours (that’s way more than half the total hours of the 30 days). By the time things wrap up, the page itself will have been viewed nearly 3,000 times. And over a third of those views didn’t come from direct links, which means that they’re likely people who are hearing my name/checking out my work for the first time. Which is dope.

Every. Single. Person who’s nominated the book deserves a special shout-out, but unfortunately Amazon doesn’t share all your personal information with me (probably for the best). But there are a few folks who went above-and-beyond in their aide:

Armand Rosamilia—who was a Scout winner with his book Dirty Deeds—was an absolute powerhouse of help during and before this process, I really can’t thank him enough and you all should check out his books and podcast(s) if you haven’t already. Matt Serafini—my All-Night Terror co-writer—got me the hookup with some Dread Central press. Michelle Garza (one half of the Sisters of Slaughter, new book here) shared nearly every annoying Facebook post I put up, along with filmmakers Jimmy George, Chris LaMartina and Mike Lombardo. My long-suffering Cemetery Dance Online editor Blu Gilliand, who was gracious enough to feature me in a new interview (you’ll be getting a new column from me soon! I promise!). And finally, the good folks at Modern Horrors, who not only had me as a guest on their wonderful podcast (you should be subscribing on iTunes, you won’t regret it), but also allowed me to ramble about Stranger Things and Stephen King in a guest editorial. Also everyone who let me pitch them in-person at Scares That Care Weekend (Jeez, that’s a blog post in itself, so much fun).

There are at least 50 more people I could name for their shares and retweets (like Brian Keene, who totally encouraged me milking my The Horror Show podcast appearance!) and reblogging, but I’m terrified I’ll leave someone out.

As I said a month ago: no matter the outcome of the campaign, The Con Season will be released. I’m just not sure of the exact specifics.

But the first people to find out about how it’ll be coming out will be those who’ve voted (if it’s a yes) and those who are signed up for my newsletter (either way). So if you’re now invested in this ongoing drama, I encourage you to give me your email addy.

Thanks so much for all the support!



There are new episodes of Project: Black T-Shirt up on YouTube. The newest of which has me reviewing Fede Alvarez’s new film Don’t Breathe ahead of its August 23rd release.

dont breathe thumbnail.jpg

The week before that was a special comic book episode featuring Eibon Press, Harrow County, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Views, comments, likes and subscribes are always appreciated, if you like hearing me ramble in these videos.



The Year’s Best Hardcore Horror & Other Superlatives

Hey all,

Just a quick update to share the link for this anthology I’m in. The Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Volume 1 is available now in ebook and paperback. Edited by Randy Chandler and Cheryl Mullenax, I’m hoping this annual collection continues for a long time.


Not only does the book include great writers like David James Keaton, Adam Howe, MP Johnson, and Tony Knighton, but there’s also some of me in these pages.

My entry is “Readings Off the Charts” and it’s a bit of a rarity, even among my readers. This this marks the first time the story will be available digitally, originally published in a long sold out issue of Splatterpunk, a British mail order-only ‘zine. Huge thanks to Randy and Cheryl for giving the story new life and introducing my work to a new audience. Please consider picking up the collection and then leaving a quick review.

If you haven’t been to the blog in a couple of weeks, then you probably are noticing the new header image. That was drawn by artist Chris Enterline to promote my YouTube channel, Project: Black T-Shirt. A huge thanks to Chris, a guy you can find more about (and commission for yourself) at his website here.


Chris also did a couple of title treatments for the show that you can see above, or can see every week by watching my videos. This week’s episode features my “top five” horror novels that have not yet been adapted to film. I really love doing these, and you can ensure that they continue by watching them, sharing them, and clicking here to subscribe.




Black T-Shirts and Paper Cuts

I don’t have anything to sell you in this post. But I do have some links to provide.


Since we last spoke, the latest installment of Paper Cuts, my column on Cemetery Dance Online, went live. This month, I talk to Stephen Graham Jones about werewolves, his new novel, and teaching horror at a college level. It’s a fascinating talk and you can check it out right here.

If discussion of SGJ’s new book piques your interest, I also did a video review of Mongrels as part of Project: Black T-Shirt. You can head over to YouTube to check that out. Subscribes, shares, likes, and comments are totally appreciated as I try to claw my way to YouTube stardom.


And while you’re there you should probably catch up on last week’s episode, a 14 minute discussion of Ben Wheatley’s new film, High-Rise. It stars Tom Hiddleston, Sienna Miller, Elisabeth Moss, and you can decide whether or not you want to give it a rent after I tell you how much I like it.


That’s it. Told you I didn’t have anything to sell you.

The Spirits of the Island, Whispering in your Ears: TRIBESMEN in Audiobook

Hey all,

Hope things are good with you. It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me.  Busy but good.

For starters, my novella Tribesmen has been released as an audiobook narrated by Joe Hempel. This was my first book released and to this day it’s the one people talk to me about the most. I’m very proud to have it introduced to a new audience. You can pick that up here (at a discounted rate if you already have the Kindle version, I think) or on Audible or iTunes.

Check out the new cover by Dyer Wilk:

Tribesmen audiobook cover final

As with any of my stuff: if you want to support my work: the absolute best way of doing it is leaving an Amazon or Goodreads review and/or telling your friends about this dope book you read. Much appreciated!

Moving on…

Last week also saw the debut of the newest Cemetery Dance Online column. In this one I talk about why I believe modern indie publishing has picked up a lot of its tricks from the B-movie hucksters from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. You can read that right here. I’m pretty happy with it.

Finally, but not final..ist? is a new episode of my (supposed to be) weekly YouTube show. I discuss Arrow Video’s American Horror Project Vol. 1, which means I review 3 movies and end with a book recommendation.

picframe episode 4

If you like this show, tell me about why in the comments. Then subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. If you did miss an episode, you can click this playlist right here and watch all of them in a row. Because what’s healthier than that?

Have a good one!

Headed Downstream (or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Trends)

I don’t write to trends. And this is probably why “period Euro-horror possession story” isn’t its own Amazon sub-category yet. I don’t consider this a virtue or a failing. It just is.

But sometimes trends bump into my interests, which is the case with the two aquatic horror novellas that I’ve co-written with Cameron Pierce.

(My regular crowd is now asking: “wait. ‘two aquatic horror novellas? Where’s the other one?” To which I now answer: “Surprise! We just had a new book drop called Crawling Darkness and you can buy it now in ebook or paperback!)


Our publisher on these, Severed Press, has found success exploiting certain niches on Amazon. It’s not the way I read, I’m much more prone to follow specific authors than story-types, but being the same way with my movie watching: I understand the impulse (put a satanic cult in your movie and you see if I don’t watch it). But there is no denying the evidence that a lot of folks get a hankering for Kaiju stories, or zombie stories, or giant shark stories, and we authors should be more than willing to help fill that demand. It’s our job–especially in the genres–to entertain.

Which brings me back to that “I don’t write to trends” statement. I don’t pass judgement on people who do write to trends, writing while always keeping one finger on the pulse of the market. Hell, most days I wish I could do that. But I know that I’m not really able to. My “process”(oh no, he’s using words like process… what’s next? Gonna start tweeting about his word counts and instagraming pictures of himself in coffee shops with the hashtag #writerslife or #amwriting… I don’t think I could take that level of self-involvement), such as it is, can only gain momentum when I’m into the book I’m working on. If I’m doing something that feels wrong… boy does a project take forever to crank out. And that’s if I can manage to dislodge it at all.

I can only speak for myself  in these matters (and kinda for Cameron, since I get a front-row seat to his process when we write together), but there’s not a drop of cynicism in choosing to write in a proven, or “hot”, sub-genre. We’re doing this because there’s an overlap with the kinds of stories we like to write and the kind of story more-people-than-usual seem to want to read. We’ve got a story to tell and it’s a story that our eccentricities, obsessions, and interests make us  uniquely suited to tell.

For better or for worse (and believe me, some readers would lean on the ‘worse’ there, take a look at the amazon reviewer who thinks we were on drugs when we wrote it, or the ones who think the idea of a giant catfish is flat-out stupid) Bottom Feeders is a book that only we could’ve written: a combination of my penchant for rural/southern noir, a third act demonstrating Cameron’s affinity for weirdo cosmic horror, and the whole damn thing struck-through with our mutual affinity for Jaws. It’s a book that has sold well, either in whole or in part because it’s an aquatic horror story, but it’s in no way us “selling out”or compromising just because there’s a little water and a fish in it.

It’s the same with our new book, Crawling Darkness. I’ve been living in Philly for three years now and I’ve been itching to tell a story set in my adoptive home. This is it! The book opens with a character going on a run through a park… that’s the park I run in! I mean, I’ve never seen any killer eels in that park, but you never know.

And as much of a debt that it owes to the animals attack novels of the past (Guy N. Smith) and carries shades of an X-files-like conspiracy, we made sure that it also has a helping the “lots of smaller creatures run amok” sub-genre that we love (Critters, Gremlins, etc.).

For what Cameron’s bringing to the table in this one: I think the characters here shine and they are almost uniformly folks that I would identify as Pierce-ian. And there’s fishing discussion, which has become Cameron’s bread and butter in recent years, he’s even edited a forthcoming anthology of fishing non-fiction for a major publisher (which I’m in, coincidentally… thanks, bud).


So whatever, not sure how to end this blog other than with a declaration:

Yeah, I write to trends now, I guess. I’ll write whatever I damn well feel like! Wanna fight about it?*

*I don’t actually want to fight you. I’d lose, I’ve got spindly little writer’s arms. But what I do want is for you to buy, read, review, talk, share, tweet, facebook, Goodreads the hell out of our new book. That would make me very happy and appreciative.