Praise for Adam Cesare

“Sick and sardonic and just plain brilliant.”
—Duane Swierczynski, author of Fun & Games, on Tribesmen

Mercy House is 100% distilled nightmare juice. Adam Cesare notches up the horror to nigh-unbearable levels. Even my skin was screaming by the end of this book.”—Nick Cutter, author of The Troop

“On the one hand, Adam Cesare’s Mercy House is a rowdy, gory, blood-soaked horror tale guaranteed to keep you up at night.  And if that was all it was, I’d have been a happy reader.  But Cesare has a maturity far and away beyond his years.  His characters are treated with a surprising capacity for understanding and empathy, giving them an unexpected depth rarely seen among the nightmare crowd.  Mercy House is the kind of novel you sprint through, eating up the pages as fast as you can turn them, and yet it lingers in the mind like a haunting memory, or the ghost of smell.  Cesare is poised to take the reins of the new generation.  Looking for the new face of horror?  This is it right here.”
—Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Dead Won’t Die and Dead City

“I’m gonna venture a little prediction here: Adam Cesare is a Fango superstar in the making. Of all the new writers busting out on the scene, Cesare’s the young guy with the greatest encyclopedic gorehound know-how, blistering cinematic pace, unquenchable love of both fiction and film, and hell-bent will to entertain. Cesare does just about everything right.”

—John Skipp, Fangoria

“The prologue of The Summer Job is one the best and scariest openings to a horror novel I’ve ever read…The rest of the novel is equally great.”

“The textbook definition of a nail-biter. The Summer Job is a kissing cousin to inbred classics from masters like Ketchum and Kilborn. Cesare’s best novel yet.”
Bloody Disgusting

“A few books ago, many reviewers, including me, declared Cesare an outstanding new voice in the genre and the future of horror. Well, the future is now, and this novel proves that Cesare is a consummate master of the creepy, the bloody, and the scary.” –HorrorTalk on Exponential.

“Nostalgic horror fans will find plenty to enjoy in Cesare’s love letter to the ’80s. Video Night’s take on the decade’s fun, gory and humorous films will bring readers back to the glory days of Stuart Gordon, Sam Raimi, Fred Dekker, Frank Henenlotter and John Carpenter.”

“The narrative may be a loving re-creation of very familiar stories, but there’s no denying the author’s technique. His pleasure with the details is palpable, particularly in describing the mayhem. Cesare is clearly talented.”
Bookgasm on Video Night

“Cesare’s latest is a knockout that’s reminiscent of classic genre novels like Stephen King’s Children of the Corn and Thomas Tryon’s Harvest Home. There’s a potent retro vibe running through Cesare’s work, in general—he’s the closest thing literary horror has to its own Jim Mickle or Ti West. He’s a cult favorite author in the making.”
Complex on The Summer Job