This page is a complete list of titles. For full descriptions and reviews please check out the Adam Cesare  Author Page on Amazon, buy them on Bookshop to support indies, or ask for them at your neighborhood bookseller.

ClownCornfield-hc (1)

Clown in a Cornfield, 2020. HarperTeen. Hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.  AmazonBarnes & NobleBookshop, Books-A-Million or wherever else books are sold.

tribesmen cover hi res


Tribesmen is a gory and clever homage to those Italian cannibal flicks that we all love so dearly, but without the real-life animal cruelty! Highly recommended.” -Jeff Strand, author of Pressure and Wolf Hunt

Novella. Ravenous Shadows, 2012. Re-released by Deadite Press in 2014. New edition in 2019. Ebook, Audiobook, and Paperback. Amazon 

con season resize 50 percent

The Con Season

Novel. Black T-Shirt Books, 2016. Available in ebook, audiobook and paperback here.


Crawling Darkness (w/ Cameron Pierce)

Novella. Severed Press, 2016. Currently Out of Print.


Zero Lives Remaining

“Cesare is on the top of his game and delivers possibly his best story yet by unleashing a fountain of energy to keep you turning pages and enough horror to make you think twice about touching another arcade game.”Splatterpunk Magazine

Novella. Shock Totem Publications, 2016. Limited Edition Hardcover available now. Paperback, Audiobook, and ebook can be found here.

mercy house new cover

Mercy House

Mercy House is 100% distilled nightmare juice. Adam Cesare notches up the horror to nigh-unbearable levels. Even my skin was screaming by the end of this book.”—Nick Cutter, author of The Troop

Novel. Random House Hydra, 2015. ebook.  Amazon | Amazon UK | B&N | Kobo

Bottom Feeders (w/ Cameron Pierce)

Novella. Severed Press, 2015. ebook and Paperback. Amazon | Amazon UK B&N



“…Adam Cesare’s mix of grim violence and old school horror movie references make for a great read.” –Rue Morgue (#152)

Novel.  Ebook, Audiobook and Paperback on Amazon

Jackpot (w/ Shane McKenzie, David Bernstein, and Kristopher Rufty)

Novella. Sinister Grin Press, 2014. ebook and Paperback. Currently Out of Print.

the first one cover

The First One You Expect

The First One You Expect is a fast, sexy, fun, dangerous read, and enough of a taste to make me hope Cesare ventures into crime fiction regularly.” Spinetingler Magazine

Novella. Broken River Books, 2014. Available in ebook and Paperback on Amazon.


The Summer Job

“A knockout that’s reminiscent of classic genre novels like Stephen King’s Children of the Corn and Thomas Tryon’s Harvest Home. There’s a potent retro vibe running through Cesare’s work, in general—he’s the closest thing literary horror has to its own Jim Mickle or Ti West. He’s a cult favorite author in the making.”—Complex

Novel. Samhain Publishing, 2014.  Re-released by Black T-Shirt Books in 2017. Click here to buy it in ebook, audiobook, or paperback.

All-Night Terror (w/ Matt Serafini)


Currently Out of Print.


Video Night

“If you put together the gore, action, monsters, and sense of excitement that made ’80s horror movies so great, you’ll only have about half of what makes Video Night a must-read tome for horror fans.” –Horrortalk

Novel. Samhain Publishing, 2013. ebook and Paperback. Re-released by Black T-Shirt Books in 2017. Buy it now in paperback and ebook.

Bone Meal Broth cover new

Bone Meal Broth

2012. Ebook. Revised and expanded in 2016 by Black T-Shirt Books.

Bound By Jade

Abattoir Press, 2012. Ebook. (Currently Out of Print)

Selected Short Fiction:

“Starting Early”. Dark Hallows: Ten Halloween Haunts edited by Mark Parker. Scarlet Galleon, 2015. AmazonAmazon UKB&N

“Readings Off the Charts”. Splatterpunk  Issue 7 edited by Jack Bantry. Order Direct


“In the Flat Light”. Giallo Fantastique edited by Ross L. Lockhart. Word Horde, 2015. AmazonAmazon UKB&N

“So Bad” Splatterpunk  Issue 5 edited by Jack Bantry. 2014. Order Direct (Sold Out)

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