Hey all,

Just a quick announcement that the ebook and paperback editions of my novella Zero Lives Remaining are out now! So if you’ve been waiting for a way to read the book Fangoria‘s Shawn Macomber called one of 2015’s best reads: now’s your chance to do so cheaply.

Just an FYI: if you purchase the paperback through Amazon, you can download the Kindle version for free through their Matchbook program.

And if you’re in the market for something a little more substantial (and expensive) there are still a handful of the hardcovers left to buy direct from Shock Totem Publications.

Huge thanks to anyone who buys, reads, reviews, or shares the links to the book. That stuff helps so much.


In unrelated news: if you were jonesing for another episode of Project: Black T-Shirt, I’ve put the second episode live a little early this week. In this one I discuss Severin Film’s recent blu-ray release of Axe and Kidnapped Coed.

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